A New Chapter In Baby Gifting

Once upon a time there was a baby gift...

The gift sat on the shelf and gathered dust. Soon it was joined by more unused gifts, and the dust continued to settle, because that’s what happens with gifts that serve no purpose for new mom and baby. Think: a random picture frame, an itchy knitted sweater, a clunky wooden toy. 

You want to give gifts that will be appreciated, enjoyed — and used.

We’re parents, too, and this dusty shelf in our baby’s nursery inspired us to find a better way to celebrate a new arrival.
Baby & Me Gifts was born with the single aim of offering pretty and practical gifts that genuinely make motherhood sweeter. Because that’s what baby gifts should do.

We’re so glad to see you’re on the same page.

With you -  new mom and baby - in mind, we flew to the moon and back, looking for gifts that make motherhood magic. Our search uncovered an array of unique and amazingly useful gifts.

Far from being dust-catchers, these bestsellers sprinkle fairy dust all over the nursery and are used and loved every day. Whether you choose:

  • the whimsical Wubbanub pacifier that baby can hold alone so mom can rest her hands
  • the personalized Butterscotch blanket that keeps baby snug and spiffy on a whim
  • the handcrafted Jamie Ray hat that will garner oohs and aahs while keeping baby comfy
Any gift you choose at Baby & Me Gifts will keep on giving. 

Every product has been carefully selected for quality and practicality. Also, as a small family-owned business, we are able to offer highly-competitive prices and excellent customer service.
Have a question? Contact us for a prompt, personal response.

Other perks of gifting with us include:

  • Free shipping on little essentials like pacifiers
  • Orders completed within 24-hours
  • First-class delivery across the US

...and the joy of baby gifting continues happily ever after.

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